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For any sort of windshield repair on your car, go to Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach. We’re a full-service automobile glass repair and replacement business in Long Beach, California. For all of your windshield requirements, we’re the one spot to visit.

Our car glass experts are experienced in repairing not only shattered windshields, but also chips, cracks, leaks, and other problems. It’s a good idea to have this problem resolved as soon as possible. Consider how much worse your windshield crack will get overtime, limiting your vision on the road. Chips will eventually become more unsightly and crack further. It is best to have us repair your windshield right away.

To learn more about our auto glass product and services, take a look at the rest of our website or call with any questions you may have. We enjoy serving you and helping you!

Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach has been in operation for a good, long time, providing great customer service, quick estimate turnaround time, and competitive pricing. Call today to have the best auto glass repair in California!

We are here to help you with any of your auto glass needs. We can replace windshields, repair them, replace windows, or any other related problem you may be experiencing. Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach is committed to providing you with the reliable service that you require.

Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach is a company focused on satisfying our customers and providing them with quality products at competitive prices. It is our pleasure to serve all of your auto glass needs from windshield repair, replacement, installation, and chip repair. We take great pride in being able to make your vehicle look great again. For more details about windshield repair in Long Beach, CA or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (562) 524-1906!

How Long Will It Take To Have My Windshield Repaired?

Repainting and replacing a windshield is quite quick. Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach can generally restore your car’s glass in under an hour. It all depends on how bad the damage is. If we believe repairs are not feasible, we will advocate for a whole windshield replacement… but this isn’t necessarily the case. We’ll most likely be able to help you out.

Why Should I Have My Windshield Repaired and Not Replaced?

You should repair your windshield as opposed to replacing it for a number of reasons:

  • It’s less expensive than a replacement
  • Windshield repair is quick and requires no downtime
  • Repairing the glass is the environmentally-friendly choice
  • It’s easier to adjust to distorted or outdated glass than it is to replace it with modern, streamlined windows
  • Your vehicle will continue to look essentially the same for years… unlike replacement materials, which can become faded and old with time

What is a Full Windshield Replacement?

When a windshield is removed and replaced, the entire assembly is changed out. This involves removing all breaks and cracks from the glass. It also involves replacing it with an entirely new one to ensure optimal function, safety, and efficiency. To have this done at Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach, you must use us for both removal and replacement!

At Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach, windshield repair is our specialty. Call us at (562) 524-1906 to find out more.

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