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Your vehicle’s side window will attract attention for all the wrong reasons if it is broken. Go ahead and skip this unnecessary bit of publicity by calling Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach, the professional side window replacement company. We’ll get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Your car’s side windows may be broken over time due to an accident or vandalism. Stop by Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach for a free inspection if you’re unsure whether side window replacement is necessary. A chip in the glass with no obstructions will not hinder how effectively it protects you from the weather. If the glass is severely damaged in any way, large chunks of glass could detach from the window or it could shatter completely during a minor accident or when being hit. Once you have this side window replacement, the damaged pane will no longer be present for future accidents to take advantage of.

A broken side window is not just inconvenient, it’s downright dangerous! Side windows play an important role in your car’s safety rating. Think of your side window as a seatbelt for your side and you’ll understand the seriousness of this concern. Your vehicle’s ability to protect you from certain types of accidents depends on protecting occupants in both front seat areas.

On top of this…well, have you ever seen a guy driving down the road with his side window broken? Come on, man, that ain’t right! Get that big hunk of cardboard out there! Quick, MacGyver-type fixes are not practiced here at Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach. Instead, we’ll be sure to provide you with a safe and stylish side window replacement.

Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach will even take care of the paperwork for your car insurance policy, so visit us today! We’ll inspect your vehicle’s windows and get you back on the road in no time.

Contact us at (562) 524-1906 to get free estimates on our services including windshield replacement, mobile auto glass repair, windshield crack repair, windshield chip repair and more.

How Does Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach Do Side Window Replacement?

Side window replacement at Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach is a complete and thorough process. We will make certain your car’s side windows are functional and safe by doing the following:

  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle thoroughly
  • Removing broken glass from all sides of the window area, taking special care to remove any fragments stuck behind the rubber channel
  • Applying a bead of clear silicon around the window frame to ensure that no water can seep in and cause damage to your vehicle’s interior or electrical system
  • Using our specialized tools, we will remove any type of weather stripping necessary for the safe removal of your old glass
  • We will cut out any sealant left over after the old side window is removed, then apply more silicon where it’s needed
  • We will quickly and efficiently remove any type of mounting hardware from your vehicle as well as any plastic molding. If you have a sunroof, we’ll also take care of this for you! You don’t have to give Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach any instructions; we’ll make sure everything is done to your satisfaction
  • We will carefully inspect the new side window before installation begins to ensure there are no cracks or imperfections in the glass. If there are, our side window replacement specialists will carefully remove these using methods that won’t harm the rest of your vehicle’s windows
  • When all the glass is in place, we will apply any necessary type of weather stripping to seal your side windows. We’ll also use a bead of silicon around the window frame for extra protection
  • We will snap any necessary molding back into its original position and secure it there

Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach Uses Quality Side Window Replacement Parts

The parts we use at Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach are carefully chosen to meet high-quality standards. Our team will consult with you about any special needs your vehicle might have before choosing the type of glass, molding or other materials to be used in your side window replacement.

Auto Glass Repair of Long Beach is a family-oriented and operated business located in Long Beach. When you need side window replacement for your vehicle in Long Beach, CA, call us at (562) 524-1906.

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